Welcome to the Natural Queendom. Here I plan to edify the journey of  kinky and curly natural hair.

The past ten years have shown an increase in women of African descent around the world, embracing the hair that grows naturally from their scalp, returning to our roots and going ‘natural’ as it has been called more recently.

My blog is based on exploring this natural hair journey on a deeper level. Going deeper than just styles and products, my blog will focus on the science of products we use in our hair and on the science of natural hair in general.

I hope you all follow me on this journey and enjoy what I have in store for you!

-Natural Curl Queen ♥

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Hello, I’m Natural Curl Queen.

I’m a student, naturalista and lover of all things science.

I grew up in a family that believed in the ‘Creamy Crack’ a.k.a chemical relaxers like nobody’s business.

Most relaxer stories for women of African descent are a horror story. Usually involves the words “permanent damage” or “cut off” and my story is no different.

Fast forward a few years and I’m exploring what it means to be natural.

This isn’t just a trend or something a generation is doing. It’s acceptance. It’s happening with women of African descent of all ages across the globe.

My blog is to help those curious about the journey, beginning the journey or those already far along the path to better understand their hair, the products they use and the science behind it all.

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